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            6. Name:300pcs Black PVC Skin Chip Case

              Product Type:XY-2020

              Bigclass: Aluminum Cases

              Smallclass: Poker Chip Cases

              Description: 300pcs Black PVC Skin Chip Case in embossed diamond pattern
               Material: Black PVC Skin in diamond surface, MDF Board, aluminum frame in black, chrome plated plastic corners, metal lock, chrome plated plastic handle, inside with black velvet lining and dividers.
              Outside Commodity Measurement: 389L x 196W x 57Hmm
                             Each one in polybag, then into a protective Inner box
                             Inner Box Measurement: 400x70x230mm
                             Carton Measurement: 415x365x480mm
                             Qty/Ctn: 10cs
              Delivery Date: 20-30days after received your T/T
                 MSN online
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