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            6. Name:53 inch Gun Case with PVC skin

              Product Type:XY-2026

              Bigclass: Aluminum Cases

              Smallclass: Rifle/Shotgun Cases

              Description: 53” Gun Case with PVC skin

              Material: PVC skin,  MDF Board, aluminum frame in black, black  plastic corners, 3 digital combination locks, clasp locks, aluminum piano hinge, rubdown handle, EVA lining inside and sponges (18kgs/CBM).

              Outside Commodity Measurement: 1,346L x 330W x 114H mm (53x13x4 1/2”)

                             Each one in polybag, then into a protective Inner box
                             Inner Box Measurement: 1355x125x375mm
                             Carton Measurement: 1370x140x395mm

              Delivery Date: 20-30 days after receipt of your T/T

                 MSN online
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