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            6. Name:BLACK RIFLE CASE

              Product Type:XY-2033

              Bigclass: Aluminum Cases

              Smallclass: Rifle/Shotgun Cases

              Color: Black
              Size:    53?Length x 10?Width x 4.5?Height
              • Smooth black PVC panels with rigid aluminum frame
              • 8 black high impact rounded plastic corners for durability
              • 2 snap down clasps with lock and 2 keys
              • 2 additional snap down clasps without lock
              • Iron bar reinforcement to keep case rigid despite long span of case
              • 8 black, polished steel brace supports, one on every corner, for abrasion protection
              • Sturdy and reliable piano hinge attaching top to bottom of case
              • Velvet lining in interior
              • High density egg carton shell foam lining in top lid
              • High density egg carton shell foam lining in bottom placed over 緮 high density, smooth foam covering iron bar support and base 
              • 4 non-marring black, non-skid,  rubber bullet feet for case stability in vertical position
              • 2 support braces to hold lid in upright position when open
              • Sturdy black carry handle
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