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            6. Name:Plasma Case - 30 inch LCD Display Case

              Product Type:FCC-301

              Bigclass: Flight Cases

              Smallclass: Plasma Cases

              * Beefy, Stackable Ball Corners
              * Double Anchor Industrial Rivets
              * Recessed, Industrial Grade Latches
              * Recessed, Industrial Grade Handle
              * Industrial Grade Rubber Feet
              * Premium 3/8” Vinyl Laminated Plywood
              * Tongue and Groove Locking Fit
              * Velvet Interior
              * ATA 300 Rating
              * RACK 10-Year Lifetime Warranty


              The construction of The Budget case is comprised of the same materials as The "ALL PRO": 3/8" side wall, recessed handles and spring-loaded twist-lock latches, stamped nickel-plated large flat corners, keylocks and 4" locking casters.

              The budget case: IS BRAND NEW, factory sealed. This is our newest model of case for plasma displays. This case accommodates monitors ranging in size from 42" - 52". As the name implies, it is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the "ALL PRO". This case is designed to hold the monitor and a couple of cables only. (It does not accommodate speakers, stands, etc.) If you do not need the complete protection that The "ALL PRO" offers, this is the case for you.

              Color: BLACK

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