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Primitive borrows from Business and Company??

For comparison.. Business and Company  Primitive.   Also, check out the Marc interview on Thrasher recently. He's a kook, but he's our kook. 

Elijah Berle Vans Shoe Review

Bought these on a whim. After wearing them casually for a while I skated them one day when my regular skate shoes were left at home. I was immediately impressed. The boardfeel was surprisingly good without feeling like I was absorbing too much impact. The sewn in insoles are something I have not seen before and I was very skeptical would work for me. But they have held up great and have not worn down at all. One thing that I have found I don't like about these shoes is that normally, because I do have insoles that I transfer between shoes (currently FP Insoles' Kingfoam Elite ), that without them in I have too much space in these shoes. I almost wish I would have gone a 1/2 size smaller to make them fit properly as there is space between my toes and the end of the shoes. Also I am finding that my Achilles tendon gets sore after wearing them for a significant amount of time. I think this is because of how loose they are and also because of very minimal support in the heel.

William Strobeck's "Candyland"

Can..not...stop...watching this!! Damn! Love seeing people skate EMB again..

Help Sammy out

Shorty's legend Sammy Baptista needs help with his medical expenses. Get more info and make a contribution using the link below. Check out Sam and the Shorty's team in this great new edit with unreleased footage from Fulfill the Dream below:

Hometown Heroes, continued..

Even though I grew up in Southern California, having lived in the Sacramento area for more than a decade I also consider this my hometown. Sacramento has a rich history in skateboarding, and there are  tons of local skaters killing the skateparks and streets out here.  Tristen Moss is one of them.    By the way, if you are ever in town go to the 28th and B skatepark and look at the pyramid he ollies  at 2:00. It's inconceivable that someone could make it when you are standing on it in person..

Hometown Heroes..

What we have here is Dylan Gardner with a beastly kickflip over a handrail in Southern California (Ventura High School I believe). I went to High School with Dylan in Santa Barbara and just recall seeing him skating around, always ahead of the game.