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In case you've been hiding under a rock for the last's the new Lakai vid. Guy's got some really good tricks in here... LAKAI VOLTAGE TOUR VIDEO from LAKAI LIMITED FOOTWEAR on Vimeo . I also forgot earlier, but my buddy JP sent me some photos of the Skatepark in Venice. Thanks JP!

Guess who's back??

I could not be any more behind this; I've been thinking for a while that he should be on the real team and not have a "Brotherhood" board and I guess Blind finally saw the light. The truth is nobody really cares if dude isn't keeping up with the pace of the younger generation (which I'm not sure is the case), 'cause it's SHEFFEY!!  Anyway, I'll stop gushing like a seventeen year old girl over her Prom date now and just give you some stuff from Sean that I came across..  This ad is just too hard not to throw in here..

Girls, girls, everyday.

This was my brilliant scheme to have a flick that wasn't on Chrome Ball....until it showed up on Chrome Ball... However, the Rick one isn't there. Cheers..  Kind of a shitty scan, sorry. 

"I remember when.."

I hate it when older skaters reminisce about how things used to be. But that being said, I am an old skater and I do remember watching Hokus Pokus with my older brother who still skated at the time. We came up with a plan that we were going to break Danny Way's legs and push him into a vert ramp just because that would be the only way we could skate better than him. I still trip out on the whole Mega Ramp deal. It's like when I see it my mind can't process that what is going down is on a skateboard.. can't wait for the new Plan B video. P.S. Saw like 3 Chaz Ortiz look a likes at the skatepark today.. so funny.


Crailtap's been posting clips of the Girl team in Sac the last few days. Sort of eerie that I live in this town and could have crossed paths. I think I was going to go to this spot the day before they aired the first one. I have no idea where the spot is for the second clip, but the third  one is this crusty old bank that is kind of fun to goof around on. Would be perfect but there are chunks in the ground before the run up and I have done exactly what Omar Salazar does as he's riding up before.  The latest one  (clip five) is at this spot where we take a box and skate sometimes because it's covered, (it rains quite a bit in Sac over the winter), and I was really surprised to see it on here. That ledge they are skating used to have a piece of that fiberglass stuff they have at skateparks so it didn't grind that well. I'm going to have to go back there and take a look if someone put a metal edge on it....  Anyway, just interesting to see that such good ska

First come, first served..

Well..I got screwed. I had a post all lined up with Rick Howard and Mike Carroll photos then I happened to check  The Chrome Ball Incident and they have a full interview up with the MC photo I was going to use. Bummer. I think I'll put it up anyway as I don't see the Rick one on there but I thought it would be tacky to put up the same photo on the same day. Instead, here is some old stuff of  Sac-Town local, John Cardiel..   I still think this bottom photo is amazing. Dude must have been flying to get over the box.. 

Work in progress..

. Still trying to figure out what I want this thing to look like.   In the meantime, here's some Rob Dyrdek

More Frank..

Just a couple more random shots of Frankie. This second one was from a promotion that Powell had around the time Ban This was coming out.. Old Thrasher Flick:  ....and lo and behold, some new shit;  Glad to see this guy is still on board, killing it. 

Uh, yeah. It's Friday.

Was trying to come up with something good after the last post...kind of hard to top a Frank Hill interview...then I just decided that I really like this photo;  I have no idea what happened to Eric Ricks after Powell but I always thought he was underrated.  By the way, got the new Thunder Titanium Light Low Trucks and holy hell....after riding Indy's for years I am completely blown away at how good these trucks feel and how light they are.. 

Frank's 35-stair rail (mini interview)

So I was lucky enough to get a chance to ask Frankie Hill a while ago about his epic ender (maybe the first in a skate video?) in "Ban This" back in '88 and this is what he had to say about how it went down; ODG: You've probably been asked this a million times but what happened with the rail at the end of Ban This? How many times did you try it? Ever make it? Frankie Hill I slid off the end on my best attempt.Ii tried it probably 15 times 35 stairs with rails got going pretty fast , should of tried the thirty on the other side , I was a little greedy lol ODG: Damn...that's rad. I grew up in SB so I remember when Ban This came out I was floored. Knew half the spots. Made such a huge impact on me and probably one of the things that made keep skating. Frankie Hill Thanks,  I remember the first time I went to that rail it was the trade show. I wanted to tape it and Powell said no they wanted to film the trade show so the team manager went with me to watch

Number One..

Welcome to ODG. This will be a Blog about skateboarding mostly, with some art stuff or videos thrown in from time to time. I've been skating for over 20 years and just thought it would be cool to share some of my experiences. Here's one of my all time favorites, Jeremy Wray's Check Out, written by then team-mate Jason Dill. Hope you enjoy this Blog, please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, feedback, hate, etc. Cheers.