Uh, yeah. It's Friday.

Was trying to come up with something good after the last post...kind of hard to top a Frank Hill interview...then I just decided that I really like this photo; 

I have no idea what happened to Eric Ricks after Powell but I always thought he was underrated. 

By the way, got the new Thunder Titanium Light Low Trucks and holy hell....after riding Indy's for years I am completely blown away at how good these trucks feel and how light they are.. 


  1. Is that a sticker on the right of the truck? Thinking about buying these.

  2. Yeah, says "half the weight, twice the strength" or something like that. I switched back to Indy's once they came out with the hollow kingpin/axle Koston's. These Thunders were great but I always loved the way Indy's turned. The old ones were just too heavy!


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