Crailtap's been posting clips of the Girl team in Sac the last few days. Sort of eerie that I live in this town and could have crossed paths. I think I was going to go to this spot the day before they aired the first one.

I have no idea where the spot is for the second clip, but the third one is this crusty old bank that is kind of fun to goof around on. Would be perfect but there are chunks in the ground before the run up and I have done exactly what Omar Salazar does as he's riding up before. 

The latest one (clip five) is at this spot where we take a box and skate sometimes because it's covered, (it rains quite a bit in Sac over the winter), and I was really surprised to see it on here. That ledge they are skating used to have a piece of that fiberglass stuff they have at skateparks so it didn't grind that well. I'm going to have to go back there and take a look if someone put a metal edge on it.... 

Anyway, just interesting to see that such good skating is going on right under my nose.


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