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2nd to... ?

Came across this on the Almost website; To this day I still don't know why Deca went under. So many good skaters,a decent company name (as opposed to almost, which doesn't really roll off the tongue), and an amazing video, then kaput. Oh well, just glad to see anything from Daewon. Such an incredibly gifted skater.. oh man, I put this in here then turned up the volume. This song is horrible! Sorry!..

Since Day One...

Just saw this flick and want to tell you, whatever you expect, it's better. Such a good video. Not over-produced. No lifestyle shots. Just good skating. The music was all around bangin', with a couple iffy slower ones thrown in. Don't want to hype it up more than it already is, but check it out. You will not be disappointed... By the way I realize I've been slacking on posting stuff so will be adding some more content soon.