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L.A. boys..

What's good people? Just a few oldies. Thought I would switch it up as I have been mostly just putting videos from youtube up on here lately. This is from a Powell-Peralta ad (before they became just Powell), from December 1989. What was crazy about these dudes is just how advanced they were. But they got the credit they deserved on Powell. They didn't even spell Paulo's name right!


Just want to be clear...Mike Carroll is probably the best street skater of all time. Oh no? Don't believe me? Disagree? That's fine. Here is some supporting evidence.. @3:22 By the way, these youtube ads are freakin' annoying..


Had an idea for a post that I will still probably do in the near future but while trolling Youtube for videos I came across these 2 gems; As always, I'm blown away by Mike Carroll's cleanness, and I've never seen this Keenan footage before. Also thought Rick Howard killed it at those demos. In the second clip was just a good refresher at how good Rick McCrank is. That's it for now..


Just came across this Jesse Silvey part from the "Boulevard" video circa 2005. Also a brief appearance from OG Santa Barbara legend Dylan Gardner. Pretty damn sick.. he's been killin it forever. I remember seeing him at the Powell Skate Zone back in the day. Annoying ass little kid...that could skate better than 2/3 of everyone else. Not sure what he's up to now.