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Street Dreams..

I've been injured for about two weeks now after getting over a bad cold so thinking about skating has not been fun lately. However, just wanted to post up some stuff of Tom Penny. I just find it amazing that after all these years of being somewhat elusive, we're getting an abundance of good stuff. Psyched on this Skate Sauce vid too;


Small oversight...left out Torey Pudwill's ender from the "Big Bang".. I don't understand what's going on with that creepy dude at the beginning. Is he cleaning Torey's board or talking shit or what??

Top Ten Hard-Flips.

Been siting on this one for a while. Keep in mind this is subjective but the ones that had the most impact on me are as follows; 1. Daewon. Love Child. Around 3:30 The granddaddy of them all. Slow-mo over a small gap but still, it was difficult to conceptualize what was going on when this first came out. 2. Rick Howard, Goldfish. around :40 First time I'd ever seen it done over anything. Kind of a shocker. 3. Stevie Williams, Tantrum video. About one minute in. Can't remember when I saw it but was just blown away at how effortlessly it was done, while in a line. 4. Richard Mulder, the Chocolate Tour Another one done over something. Super clean style. I kinda' forgot how good this guy was.. 5. Bryan Herman, Stay Gold. Take your pick. Dude has this trick down to a science. Personally I vote for the one over the handrail at about 4:09 6. Sean Malto, And Now.. ..towards the end, down a massive stack. 7. Kris Markovich. Element. Thir