Top Ten Hard-Flips.

Been siting on this one for a while. Keep in mind this is subjective but the ones that had the most impact on me are as follows;

1. Daewon. Love Child. Around 3:30

The granddaddy of them all. Slow-mo over a small gap but still, it was difficult to conceptualize what was going on when this first came out.

2. Rick Howard, Goldfish. around :40

First time I'd ever seen it done over anything. Kind of a shocker.

3. Stevie Williams, Tantrum video. About one minute in. Can't remember when I saw it but was just blown away at how effortlessly it was done, while in a line.

4. Richard Mulder, the Chocolate Tour Another one done over something. Super clean style. I kinda' forgot how good this guy was..

5. Bryan Herman, Stay Gold.

Take your pick. Dude has this trick down to a science. Personally I vote for the one over the handrail at about 4:09

6. Sean Malto, And Now.. ..towards the end, down a massive stack.

7. Kris Markovich. Element. Third Eye View. about 1:07.. If I'm not mistaken this was also used in a 411, maybe as an opener?

8. Gino Iannucci. about style and this guy's name always comes up. His first trick is no exception.

9. Chet Thomas, Rodney vs. Daewon, Round 2 Another guy who just owns this trick. You'll see a few in here with different variations, over a roof gap, to 50/50, nose manual, etc. I don't think there was one that stood out to me back then, just the impact of how good this guy had it.

10. Clyde Singleton, 101 section of Trilogy, intro
Super clean, floated. Sigh, are missed.

..and for the record, I still can't do this damn trick. Done them switch but never regular. Guess that's why they're "hard".

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