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Just one more before the holidays...

Wanted to tie this in to the Grinch graphic, which has to be one of the best board graphics of all time, but couldn't find the board in any mags I have... ..anyways, without any further ado here's Mr. Jason Lee. I'm not really big into themes anyway.. Happy Holidays..ODG

Feats of Strength

Just a sequence of a long-forgotten Real Ad with Salman Agah and Coco Santiago.. figured with the upcoming holiday it was appropriate with the good/evil angle.   Got a bunch of stuff on the horizon, trying to switch it up with the old and new stuff so keep checking back.. I fucking love skateboarding..

no f#%king way...

Couple things. First, changed back to the old format because the new "dynamic" format was kind of irritating, sorry if you liked it. Second...I got nothing. Super stoked to be skating again. Also psyched on all these Danny Way flicks I came across. One foot McTwists? Who does that?? Oh yeah, he does.. Just threw in this Christian Hosoi photo because it's bad ass.. I would love to be able to blast on a ramp like that.. "


Just a quick one of everyone's fave, the Gonz.. More coming soon..