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Top Ten Skate Video Songs..

I've been thinking about this for a long time. A good song in a skate video can make all the difference in the world. Here are (in no particular order) my top ten...

1. Guy Mariano, Mouse.

I really don't even need to say why... Those first few notes of the song were so eerie that it just draws you right in. The song seems to get more complicated as the skating gets gnarlier. Classic.

2. Ronnie Creager, Trilogy.

One of my all time favorites. Clean song that just seemed to match his skating perfectly. The Jimmy Cliff 2nd song was a surprise that was a little bit more upbeat and worked as well.

3. Pat Duffy, Questionable.

Another song that kind of builds with the intensity of the skating and ends with the blood-curling scream from Les Claypool as Pat changes street skating forever..

4. Danny Way, Virtual Reality.

If memory serves me correctly this was right before his surfing accident which took him out of the game for a while.

5. Jamie Thomas, Welcome to Hell

The intro…


Just a few of the Tempster today. Was looking for the sequence of him with the caption by Hawk,(ollie impossible to noseblunt slide), but no dice.

Was beyond stoked to hear about this.

Funny how in other countries they are preserving skate spots, while over here...
First off...can't go any further without thanking Chrome Ball Incident for the plug. Inspiring to say the least.

I've definitely got a lot of things that I want to do/directions that I want to take this thing but for now here's Rick Howard with a...well, I'm not exactly sure what this is...

More coming soon..

Only one way to do it..

I don't know how I missed this H Street ad when I was putting together that other D Way post, but I don't feel right carrying on without including it now.

Blows my mind how after already having a lengthy, successful skateboarding career he introduces the world to the Mega Ramp in the DC video and leaves everyone scratching their heads..

Kind of makes me wonder what he's got in store next..