Top Ten Skate Video Songs..

I've been thinking about this for a long time. A good song in a skate video can make all the difference in the world. Here are (in no particular order) my top ten...

1. Guy Mariano, Mouse.

I really don't even need to say why... Those first few notes of the song were so eerie that it just draws you right in. The song seems to get more complicated as the skating gets gnarlier. Classic.

2. Ronnie Creager, Trilogy.

One of my all time favorites. Clean song that just seemed to match his skating perfectly. The Jimmy Cliff 2nd song was a surprise that was a little bit more upbeat and worked as well.

3. Pat Duffy, Questionable.

Another song that kind of builds with the intensity of the skating and ends with the blood-curling scream from Les Claypool as Pat changes street skating forever..

4. Danny Way, Virtual Reality.

If memory serves me correctly this was right before his surfing accident which took him out of the game for a while.

5. Jamie Thomas, Welcome to Hell

The intro lets you know he means business. Always loved that opening line, skating across the street, throwing in flip tricks.

6. Marc Johnson, Tilt Mode Army

Fun song for what looked like a fun part to make.

7. Joey Pepper, Ryde or Die

One of those songs that seemed destined to show up in a skate video part. Glad it was for this guy.

8. Jovontae Turner, Love Child

Smooth song for some smooth skating.

9. Arto Saari, Sorry

The intro with Tom Penny was a great choice, but the epicness of Aarto's ender was paired with Bowie perfectly.

10. Steve Olson, Fulfill the Dream

Gotta' have balls to skate to Gangstarr, Steve made it work...that slam at :40 has got to be one of the worst ones ever filmed.

This list could have gone on forever so I'm glad I stuck to 10.

In other news... continuously blown away by this guy;


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