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History Lesson..

Another week, another injury. This time my back. Feeling better now, but this is starting to get annoying. Anywho, while my friends were out skating this last Sunday (bastards), I took it upon myself to head down to the California Museum on O street in Sacramento where they have an exhibit on the history of skateboarding going on.

I had my camera and took a few pics, check it out;

Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi Hammerhead, Rob Roskopp, and a Tommy Guererro... damn, that's some lineup.

Was expecting to see a lot more of the 80's stuff, but they had a good collection going. Original Mark Gonzales board second from left.

It was great see that they had some more current stuff as well...although they left out the 90's entirely..

Can't remember what the story is with this board. Obviously, it says the first Zephyr board but is it the prototype? Wish I had paid more attention to the details here..

Overall, a really good exhibit. I went in with the expectation that i…
As usually happens...I have an idea for a post, flip through a magazine and come up with something else. Just going to run with it this time. Sal Barbier from the roof to the ramp and Markus Wyndham with a backside 180 nosegrind on his trademark rail... if you don't know what I'm referring to, go here. (at about 8:28)

Always loved this part too... made skateboarding just look like fun, which is how it should be;

And something from this decade, a great interview with Sal:

The story behind his Plan B involvement is a great read.

That's it, have a great weekend!

Not too much going on. Pre water-tower ollie by Jeremy Wray.

Loved his top five ollies with Bones Wheels;

and this interview is amazing;

What I wouldn't give to see some current stuff from this guy...


In honor of the recent release of the Bones Brigade Documentary, I just wanted to take a second to pay homage to Powell-Peralta and the legacy it has had on skateboarding. It's impossible to describe the impact that the Bones Brigade had in the 80's on into the 90's unless you were there to experience it.

Thanks for getting me hooked..

Aw, snap!

That may be the last list I ever do...always seems that I forget something. In this case it was these two;

 Marky Markovich at about 8 minutes in..

Guess it's the thought that counts?