History Lesson..

Another week, another injury. This time my back. Feeling better now, but this is starting to get annoying. Anywho, while my friends were out skating this last Sunday (bastards), I took it upon myself to head down to the California Museum on O street in Sacramento where they have an exhibit on the history of skateboarding going on.

I had my camera and took a few pics, check it out;

Lance Mountain, Christian Hosoi Hammerhead, Rob Roskopp, and a Tommy Guererro... damn, that's some lineup.

Was expecting to see a lot more of the 80's stuff, but they had a good collection going. Original Mark Gonzales board second from left.

It was great see that they had some more current stuff as well...although they left out the 90's entirely..

Can't remember what the story is with this board. Obviously, it says the first Zephyr board but is it the prototype? Wish I had paid more attention to the details here..

Overall, a really good exhibit. I went in with the expectation that it would be all stuff I was familiar with but was surprised to learn it wasn't the case at all. Would recommend going if you get the chance.

I think Thrasher Magazine had a hand in contributing to the exhibit, so thank you to them.


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