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Was thinking of this guy the other day..not sure why he wasn't in Since Day much style.. Also you might have seen that I tried having a section with videos from YouTube on here but the gadget was glitchy so it's gone. Have a great weekend.. all you school kids, hang in there, it's almost over.

'Nah mean?

Stevie Williams from Thrasher magazine, July 2001. My favorite question; "who's the illest right now in skating to you?" Henry Sanchez.. well said. Real interesting to get the background behind his rise to fame and fortune.

Get 'er done..

Have to admit I wasn't a huge fan back in the day. My only experience with Chris Miller is that I knew someone who had his Schmitt Stix board. But looking back I can see why his name still comes up.. Also...have you seen this??

Carlsbad crusher

Early big gap ruler and all around style king Kris Markovich. Heard he had the world record for the longest flat ground ollie at one point..can anyone confirm? Just saw this for the first time while making this post.. If that last one looks a little haggard it's because it's been sitting in a drawer for about 20 years..

Pioneer: Frankie Hill, Full Interview

Been too busy to post anything for a few days but this Transworld Frankie Hill interview caught my eye so I decided to share. Living legend. Apparently he's started his own company too. Check it out.. Pioneer: Frankie Hill, Full Interview—Supersizing Skateboarding | Transworld Skateboarding More coming soon...

Matt Hensley

The most imitated skater ever? Everything this guy did was just classic. From the chain wallet to the hunched over style...makes you wonder where he would be at if he kept going. The last trick of his Plan B career was a 540 caballerial..which we just saw in the new Girl/Chocolate trailer..hmmm.. Wouldn't mind stopping by the Flying Elephant next time I'm in SD.. Kind of a rushed deal, but this might have been the funnest post I've ever done.

Sorta Heroes..

Couple quick ones of the always underrated Julien Stranger and an early appearance by speed demon Peter Hewitt. Weather should be nice this weekend, feeling psyched. Hallelujah.