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In Memorium..

Not trying to take away from the holiday (Memorial Day) or those who have lost someone while serving our country, but just wanted to take a second to pay homage to one of skateboarding's own fallen soldiers; Keenan Milton.

I met him once around '98. Pretty sure it was after Mouse came out, at the San Marcos rails, (the one he did a switch crooked grind down). I knew who he was and when he asked if I wanted to buy a board and some stickers I was all for it. I went to an ATM and being the stupid kid I was, came back a few bucks short. He was like "aw man, now I can't give you the stickers". I was like "oh, ok". Then a second later he busts out with "just kidding!" and we proceeded to talk for a few minutes. Just that one short interaction had a huge impact on me and how I viewed pro's from then on. Even though I only met him that once, I remember feeling genuinely shocked and upset when I found out he passed.

Keenan forever..

Technical Difficulties..

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I've just had a lot going on, then got a nasty virus on my laptop. Hoping to have things sorted out by the end of the week and get some more stuff up here. In the meantime, here's a classic Santa Cruz ad that I managed to scan before my computer got jacked.

Always been a fan of the Rob Roskopp series. Would seriously consider giving up my firstborn child to have the whole set of boards up on my wall...
Mostly Jeff Kendall, but ran out of steam so I threw in some odds and ends...

Got a couple more left and will try to get them up this weekend.

Eric Dressen... if I'm not mistaken, the inventor of the Salad Grind.

Just put two and two together this morning regarding the name(Salad...Dressen).

Not quite a week of Santa Cruz stuff, but I still got a couple more in store.

By the way.. although I do this just because I enjoy it, if you like (or don't like) something that you see on here a plus one or occasional comment would definitely be appreciated. Any and all feedback is welcome.

If you'd rather send an email, Thanks.

Going to continue with a Santa Cruz type theme this week..

Screaming Lord Salba.

I think he's been pro longer than I've been alive..

Wonder if he uses Google Maps to find pools these days..

And if you haven't already, check out Salba Cruz Skateboards;

Didn't have too many images to scan, so here's a link to the Berrics where he made a cameo;

Respect the architects..

"My bottom"

Going to continue with Santa Cruz riders for the remainder of the week. Here is one of Transworld's 30 most influential and infinitely quotable (at least in my circle of friends); Jason Jessee..

This still cracks me up..

Less is more?

Sorry for the lack of posts recently..this thing is a lesson in patience and tediousness.

90's shredder, Tom Knox.

Don't know what the story is but Tom seemed to come out of nowhere, had a ton of coverage and won some contests then disappeared...skateboarding's funny like that.