In Memorium..

Not trying to take away from the holiday (Memorial Day) or those who have lost someone while serving our country, but just wanted to take a second to pay homage to one of skateboarding's own fallen soldiers; Keenan Milton.

I met him once around '98. Pretty sure it was after Mouse came out, at the San Marcos rails, (the one he did a switch crooked grind down). I knew who he was and when he asked if I wanted to buy a board and some stickers I was all for it. I went to an ATM and being the stupid kid I was, came back a few bucks short. He was like "aw man, now I can't give you the stickers". I was like "oh, ok". Then a second later he busts out with "just kidding!" and we proceeded to talk for a few minutes. Just that one short interaction had a huge impact on me and how I viewed pro's from then on. Even though I only met him that once, I remember feeling genuinely shocked and upset when I found out he passed.

Keenan forever..


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