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In Memorium..

Not trying to take away from the holiday (Memorial Day) or those who have lost someone while serving our country, but just wanted to take a second to pay homage to one of skateboarding's own fallen soldiers; Keenan Milton.

I met him once around '98. Pretty sure it was after Mouse came out, at the San Marcos rails, (the one he did a switch crooked grind down). I knew who he was and when he asked if I wanted to buy a board and some stickers I was all for it. I went to an ATM and being the stupid kid I was, came back a few bucks short. He was like "aw man, now I can't give you the stickers". I was like "oh, ok". Then a second later he busts out with "just kidding!" and we proceeded to talk for a few minutes. Just that one short interaction had a huge impact on me and how I viewed pro's from then on. Even though I only met him that once, I remember feeling genuinely shocked and upset when I found out he passed.

Keenan forever..


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What skateboarding will look like in the 2020 Olympics

After reading the recent Sal Barbier Interview on the Chrome Ball Incident, (which is fantastic by the way), and also perusing the recent Thrasher Magazine article on skateboarding in the Olympics, I became curious as to what the proposed format is going to be like. Being that there have historically been many different competitive formats in skateboarding's long history (street, vert, mega ramp, luge, freestyle, etc. etc.), I couldn't help but be curious. After pondering the different possibilities I was able to track down someone from the International Olympic Committee (IOC)  who had some answers.

First how did the International Olympic Committee (IOC) come to the decision to include skateboarding? Was it someone on the committee who proposed it or if it was brought forth by a third party?

The addition of Skateboarding to the Olympic programme in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 resulted from an 18-month process called the OCOG Proposal, where the host city (in this case, Tokyo)…

Hometown Heroes, continued..

Even though I grew up in Southern California, having lived in the Sacramento area for more than a decade I also consider this my hometown. Sacramento has a rich history in skateboarding, and there are  tons of local skaters killing the skateparks and streets out here. 
Tristen Moss is one of them.   

By the way, if you are ever in town go to the 28th and B skatepark and look at the pyramid he ollies  at 2:00. It's inconceivable that someone could make it when you are standing on it in person..

All Hail..

Repost from.. I don't know, few years ago I guess. Early Cardiel stuff really had an impact on me. Dude just went for it so hard.  Crazy that I live in the same town as him now and have come across him a few times.. My buddy that I go skate with all the time did physical therapy with him after being shot head in the head twice (yes, you read that correctly). Trip out on that..