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Lance "O" Neil

This shared part from Ban This has to be one of the funnest goofiest parts in a skate video ever filmed, and unless I'm mistaken gave birth to the term "junk skating"

...and while on the subject I figured some Neil and Lance photos would be in order.

I have to be honest, although I admire the skating and art that I've seen from him, I still don't get why Neil Blender is one of the 30 most influential skaters of all time (according to Transworld). I don't mean to sound disrespectful, I just don't get it. Maybe dude was just before my time..

More new-old stuff coming soon. Still trying to recover from a Southern California Mexican food induced coma..

Just wanted to get this Julien Stranger ad up here before head down South for a few days. One of the most underrated dudes out there. Why this one never made it up on my wall is a mystery to me..

Looking forward to some skating and good Mexican food.

Happy Go Skateboarding Day.

Lazy Day at the Park

I mentioned my buddy Dan from Brazil a while ago. Well I managed to get a few clips from him while he was in town this last time. Figured now was as good a time as any to put them up here. Keep in mind this is cell phone footage so I apologize in advance for the low quality..

This was all filmed in about 20 minutes. Guy is just mind blowing..


Long overdue post on one of the original all terrain rippers, Wade Speyer.

Hope this is legible..

First to crooked grind Hubba Hideout, the plaid Powell board, Dogtown, Think, truck driver, etc...I think it's safe to say that Wade's legacy in skateboarding is secure.

Ever have one of those days where you wake up and go "what the hell was I thinking?".. Yeah, well I had one last week and realized that the puke green back ground on here was horrid. Kind of reminds me of President Skroob in Spaceballs;

Anyway, good week in skateboarding. Mullen does a Ted talk;

Gino gets his own truck;

and Arto gets Epicly Later'd;

Oh yeah, there's also the Battle at the Berrics five finals this weekend.. should be interesting..

Anywho, I'll do some more scans next week. Just too much going to to sit down and focus on one thing. Have a great weekend!

Front Foot Impossibles

A trick that lives up to it's name... been in awe of it since back in the day. Cool to see it coming back around.  Here a couple recent ones and a couple old favorites for comparison (no list);

Jordan Hoffart, the Bones Video

First trick, out of a Smith grind. Not expected at all.

Then I was surprised to see Josh Kalis throw one out over at the Berrics. About 1:25 in (no html code, what the hell?

Going back a ways..I came across this beauty that I had forgotten about by Ocean Howell (at about 25:53).

Bonus one by Damian Carbajal at about 5:15.

Pat Brennan had a mean one. Check the fourth frame in this old Powell Peralta ad;

Damn this guy was good... watched this part for the first time in several years and it was almost like watching it for the first time. R.I.P.

By the way, if you're in or around the Sacramento area this weekend, you should come by and check out Manny Mania..should be some good shit.

Who the hell is Scott Bondy?

Looks like I'm back on track as far as computer issues, so more regular posts again. The last one was a work around so that might explain why some of the scans look a little iffy. Might have to re-post it at some point as a Keenan post should only be top notch. In the meantime, a couple sequences of Girl heads Tony Ferguson, Rick Howard, and Eric Koston that also ended up in "Goldfish". Apparently filmed by Steve Berra..