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Seldom seen these days..perhaps a sign that skateboarding is taking itself just a little too seriously?

Wrench Pilot, art by Mel Bend

I believe this one is by Lance? Definitely matches the sarcasm and negativity prevalent at the time.. Damn! Just noticed dude is busting a front feeble!! This was like 92!!

Quick note: you might have noticed that there are ads now showing on here. Just wanted to put it out there that I went back and forth on that for some time then decided to try it. If it gets to be too spammy I'll take it down. However..if you see something you like, take a look. Any $$ made off of it is going to be put directly back into doing things for this site.

On another note; being asked for feedback on skatepark designs=priceless.
I realize I kind of stalled out recently (no pun intended). Moving will do that to you. Hopefully this post makes up for it...some Jim Thiebaud and Tommy Guerrero pre-Real and early days..

Epicly Later'd is killing it right now..

Good stuff..

Just a quick post of a couple goodies floating around the internet right now..might have seen them already. If not, then enjoy..

Skate Sauce released Jesse Silvey's part from the "Hard Times but Good Times" vid.

Then there's the Darkstar video, "Forward Slash"

Don't want to spoil anything but I found myself going "oh, shit!" a few times.

103 degrees today, but it's hot everywhere isn't it?

Da Champ

No shortage of photos of this guy. Christian Hosoi. Back in the day the big question was who would win, him or Hawk?

(Judo transfer at Jeff Phillips' ramp in Texas) 

One can't help but wonder what Holmes would/could do on the Mega..

Slight overkill on the vert stuff lately, I'll try to balance it out more with some street (maybe time for some more Natas?)  Stay tuned..