Seldom seen these days..perhaps a sign that skateboarding is taking itself just a little too seriously?

Wrench Pilot, art by Mel Bend

I believe this one is by Lance? Definitely matches the sarcasm and negativity prevalent at the time.. Damn! Just noticed dude is busting a front feeble!! This was like 92!!

Quick note: you might have noticed that there are ads now showing on here. Just wanted to put it out there that I went back and forth on that for some time then decided to try it. If it gets to be too spammy I'll take it down. However..if you see something you like, take a look. Any $$ made off of it is going to be put directly back into doing things for this site.

On another note; being asked for feedback on skatepark designs=priceless.


  1. Definitely. Got some other things that I want to do first, but I'll do another one in the near future.


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