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Shredder's Lair is a skateboard, apparel, and hardware goods company coming out of Lancaster, California. I caught up with CEO and co-founder Steve Hansen recently to get the low down on the company and what they're all about. Check it out..

How did Shredder's Lair come about?

From the love of pure shredding of anything you can possibly skate on and wanting to create a product to represent our love for the ART OF SHREDDING. We were unsatisfied with the lack of a pure 100% raw for skateboarders by skateboarders company with all American made products for the highest quality at shredder friendly prices.

How did you come up with the name?

Shredder's Lair found us. We had the spot where shredder's came together before and after sessions escaping the societies "norm". Here we are able to focus and dedicate ourselves to the art and life style of shredding!

Who's on the team?

Shredder's Lair has a very diverse and unique team. The "SL ARMY" consists of Jesse Hotchkiss, Anthony Perkins, Joe Warr, Kevin Scott, and Mike "Chomp" Eckmann. Each one of the Shredders Army riders bring a different flavor of smooth, fast, and technical skateboarding for a diverse and extremely radical group!

You guys are working on a full length video, right?

We are currently in the works for THE ART OF SHREDDING shredders lair first full length DVD.

One more question, what does Shredder's Lair offer that's different from what other companies are doing?

Shredder's Lair uses American made products. Our boards are pressed in Ontario, CA using the highest quality Canadian Hard Rock Maple veneers. Along with our high quality product we have a great team and staff that all bleed skateboarding and want to deliver the best product possible to ensure the shredding never stops!

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