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R.I.P. Tom Sims

Small blip on the ever-growing skateboard radar but we lost a soldier/pioneer in the world of skateboarding recently-Tom Sims. Anyone who was around when skateboarding was huge back in the 80's and even prior most likely remembers Sims skateboards.  His contributions to skateboarding and snowboarding are huge, so as a way to commemorate his passing here is a quick look back at some of the skaters on the team and ads that stood out to me.  Consider it a minor gesture to a major figure.. Geez...look at that lineup! Buck Smith had a ton of coverage and probably deserves his own post..  As an aside, Ride Channel had a great two part feature on Kona Skatepark with an appearance of the above mentioned. If you have a second, check it out on YouTube. Even if you're not familiar with Kona or Buck Smith, it's a great way to learn about some skate history and the oldest still functioning skatepark in the U.S.  As another life goal;

Something in the water?

Recently I have found myself staring at a few pics in skate mags and thinking "how is that even possible?". After trying to find explanations through the use of fish eye lenses or new board technology, I am at a loss. Maybe skaters are just capable of more than we had previously thought? This was one of the first ones that caught my eye... couldn't believe it when I learned it was a kickflip. Austyn Gillette Then this guy added to the madness. Chris Pfanner Even the old dudes are getting in on the action. Dill Hard to find just one Brandon Westgate flick to focus on but this sequence caught my attention for not only the ollie up but the lengthy gap at the end. Every time I look at it I can't help but think "who would try to skate this?". This is just disturbing. Aldrin Garcia These guys just might be aliens.. Gilbert Crockett, Donovan Piscopo.  Although this is a great photos, the  video  o