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#Prettysweet Predictions....

In the eager anticipation of the Pretty Sweet video that comes out next week I've been racking my brain trying to imagine who will have a part and what tricks are going to go down. After weeks of torturous brain racking I went the other direction and came up with a few highly unlikely (but hopefully amusing) hypothetical situations that may come from the most anticipated skate video of 2012...

Guy Mariano's part is so good that in early screenings viewers' faces were literally melting off...the video is recalled and he is asked to tone it down a notch.

Devine Calloway's picture perfect smile is noticed by higher up corporate execs at Colgate and he becomes the first pro skater to get a toothpaste sponsor.

Garvey steals the show in Chris Roberts' part and ends up getting on the team, Chris gets the boot.

After exhausting every scarf/hair color combo imaginable, Mike Carroll reverts (pun intended) back to the 80's flop over haircut and hot pink combo which catches on like wildfire... old dudes root through their closet and in an effort to jump on the bandwagon and secretly breathe a sigh of relief..

Due to being constantly hunched over while holding a camera, Ty Evans becomes crippled during the filming of Pretty Sweet..children who see him on the streets are terrified of his terrible posture and crooked, arthritic hand..

Anthony Pappalardo's reclusive habits become so entrenched in his skating that his entire part is filmed at the dark..

Daniel Castillo's no comply and manual attack is so vicious that Matt Hensley is forced to hang up the accordion and come out of retirement.

Marc Johnson writes a book of such philosophical and psychological magnitude that he wins a Nobel Prize ...unfortunately he's the only one who completely understands it. As a result he goes broke and resorts to dancing on street corners for money..

Brandon Biebel is recruited to play for the NBA but fails the random drug tests... he goes on to be Weezy's "hype man".

Cory Kennedy cuts his hair and is shocked to learn what tricks he's actually been doing. The pressure of having to one up himself becomes too much to handle and after several months of unsuccessful therapy he resorts to being a full time beach bum..

Kenny Anderson's part is filmed entirely with organic parchment paper film. Unfortunately it's so brittle that it falls apart during editing.. Kenny resorts to filming one long nose manual for his part instead.

They're all jokes people...albeit not very good ones. Feel free to add yours to the comments below.

Seriously though, I have no idea what to expect from this video but I'm sure it's going to blow minds.

Can't wait.


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