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Anthony Pappalardo Interview (from 48 blocks)

Too good not to re-post. A look into the darker side of the skate industry;

Thank you to 48 blocks for getting the answers out to many peoples' questions. If I could support Pops through a skate product purchase I would be on it like white on rice. However from the sound of the interview I'm pretty adamant that I'll boycott Converse for life. Sorry Kenny..

Fast and loose style with a nice frontside 360...Danny Sargent.

Oh how I miss the New Deal bright yellow ads..what a great company.

Hope you have a great Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or whatever holiday you may celebrate. Glad the world didn't end..

See you in the new year..

Pier 7 revisited..

While perusing the FTC site recently, I came across some great Pier 7 videos added by Brad Johnson on Vimeo.  Although there seems to be a Tsunami of great stuff going down in skateboarding right now, these videos are too good not to mention. Lots of legends in here...Lavar McBride, John Igei, Enrique Lorenzo, Josh Kalis, Drake Jones, Brandon Biebel, among many less well known but equally talented dudes. Check it out.. (may have a short load time, give it a second).


More "Toonage"


Better late then never.. had this one partially done then some technical difficulties put a spanner in the works....

..hopefullly the inclusion of some Robert Williams art and covers should make up for it.

This guy is bonkers.

 The blog got 15,000 hits as of today. Thanks to everyone who has clicked on here and/or commented. This is just something I do for myself but it's good to know that other people are looking at it and hopefully enjoying it as well.