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Skate Shoe Evolution #6..és

I had a white pair of Sal 23's..went to Europe, came home and they mysteriously disappeared.  I still have hope that they're going to pop up some time.. 

Javier Sarmiento

PJ Ladd

Rick McCrank 

I was hoping to bump into Tom on my recent trip to Barcelona.. maybe next time. 

Eric Koston

Arto Saari, kickflip to fakie. 

Check out the timeline in case you're not already familiar with them..

Evolution of the Skate Shoe # 5... D.C.

What's the hold up??

a. My laptop had over 90 malware/adware entries on it.
b. I've been too busy skating and having fun.
c. I've been mourning the death of The Chrome Ball Incident
d. Too lazy.
e. Moved magazines to the garage and therefore had to get a new scanner.
f. All of the above.
g. None of the above.

You decide (bonus points if you get this reference).

After giving it some thought I'm going to pull the plug on these Evolution of the Skate Shoe series posts. It's a great idea, I just don't think that I have enough  magazines/ads to do it justice. So, instead of doing the 10 posts I had originally planned on, I'm going to combine everything into a few more remaining posts and then continue on with the other ideas I've been sitting on for a while. So, here is Evolution of the Skate Shoe post #5 focusing on D.C. shoes, with 2 more to go..

Colin McKay....hope we see a part in the new Plan B video. 

Danny Way kickflip.. I don't know why they deci…

Don't call it a comeback..because it isn't.

I've been sitting on two half-completed posts for well over a month now. Truth be told it's funner to look at other stuff on the internet then to put the effort into contributing..

But, had to share this recent video of Rodney Mullen and Brian Lotti from 1992 that I stumbled upon the other day. Seeing new footage, even if it's 20 years old, of either one of these two is a rare treat indeed..

Going to get my butt in gear and finish up the skate shoe evolution series soon then move on to other stuff I've been wanting to do for some time. Thanks for your patience..

Wait for it..

Just getting back from a two week trip to Barcelona and England.. will continue with the Skate Shoe Evolution posts soon, promise.. Chrome Ball's dead?? 


Will continue with the Evolution of the Skate Shoe series in the next few days, just wanted to take a short break to post a video done by my buddies at Shredder's Lair called "the Art of Shredding". Definitely recommend it.  Here's the full video;

Be back soon, going to get more contemporary with the next few posts and end on a grand scale. What you won't see...the stripes, the swoosh, and the greater than/star thingy...


Skate Shoe Evolution # 4 of 10..Vans

Was planning on doing this post next anyways, but with the Vans Pool Party just occurring and the mention of the Salman Agah shoe on CBI it's a done deal.

A little Cab heavy, but oh well, it's his first appearance on here. Dude is synonymous with Vans. FYI: updated the previous Etnies and Vision Street Wear posts with a couple more ads that I came across.

Good skate weekend....anyone else hung over?

Skate Shoe Evolution #3 of 10..Vision Street Wear

Continuing on, Vision Street Wear is next (obviously). Another company with a rotating cast of characters... not sure exactly when they disappeared from the skate scene but I don't remember seeing them around when the baggy pants and small wheels trend came in during the early 90's. But apparently they're "back"

And I don't know if it's from his Ban This part but for some reason whenever I think of Vision Street Wear shoes I'm reminded of Ray Barbee..

More coming soon..

Skate Shoe Evolution #2 of 10. Airwalk

I think this was when Jordan Richter was still on Blind but I'm not 100% on that. 

Tony Hawk during his heyday.. 

Ray Underhill, R.I.P. 

Jeremy Wray precursor to the water tower gap. 

Ron Chatman has to be one of the most underrated street skaters of all time (in my not so humble opinion). I would kill to read his Transworld Interview from the 90's again where he had the 'fro and did a boardslide around a curved ledge.. 

Young Mike V. 

They even had The Boss on the team at one point..

At a time when small wheels were popular and landing a trick was a Hail Mary at best, Kris Markovich went fast and big. Sturt photography has always been amazing..

Going to keep the rhetoric to a minimum this time.. a great company that went under for unknown reasons. Sorry about the funkiness of the scans with the two page ads.. 

Skate Shoe Evolution #1..Etnies

Going with the evolution of the skate shoe.. I won't be able to cover as much as I would like to as I'm limited to what mags I have (nothing on Sheep shoes, sorry), but regardless it should be fun.
Starting it off is one of the first Pro Model skate shoes ever and some early Etnies ads. I threw in some random Natas ads...just because..  

If you're into the whole Instagram thing, you can follow this guy at #oscarputdowntheknife

Unless you were there you can't imagine the rumors and BS surrounding this guy's name.

In other news...super excited to be heading to Spain (Barcelona) then the U.K. in a couple months. Any recommendations/suggestions?

Next post will longer..