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Big Time..

Some older and more recent Mega Ramp flicks. I still have a hard time getting my head around this thing.  And trying anything switch??  Bomb drop from just occurred to me, I wonder if this was somehow influenced by big wave surfing? Gotta' respect the street dudes like Heath and Lizard for having a go at it...kind of curious to see if Pat Duffy does a round 2 in the new Plan B video. Peace..

Free Videos

I've been working on a new post for the last week (think: big) but am missing one magazine that will make it until I find it here are some free vids. Pretty weak, I know but maybe you'll see a trick or two that you missed before. And sorry, no Bake and Destroy.. Also, I guess I have to moderate comments now? Some anonymous hater was blowing up the Pops' interview post. Kind of crappy because I value everyone's feedback and keeping the discussion on skating going, but when every other word is the f bomb it gets old pretty quick..