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Skate Shoe Evolution #2 of 10. Airwalk

I think this was when Jordan Richter was still on Blind but I'm not 100% on that.  Tony Hawk during his heyday..  Ray Underhill, R.I.P.  Jeremy Wray precursor to the water tower gap.  Ron Chatman has to be one of the most underrated street skaters of all time (in my not so humble opinion). I would kill to read his Transworld Interview from the 90's again where he had the 'fro and did a boardslide around a curved ledge..  Young Mike V.  They even had The Boss on the team at one point..       At a time when small wheels were popular and landing a trick was a Hail Mary at best, Kris Markovich went fast and big. Sturt photography has always been amazing.. Going to keep the rhetoric to a minimum this time.. a great company that went under for unknown reasons. Sorry about the funkiness of the scans with the two page ads.. 

Skate Shoe Evolution #1..Etnies

Going with the evolution of the skate shoe.. I won't be able to cover as much as I would like to as I'm limited to what mags I have (nothing on Sheep shoes, sorry), but regardless it should be fun. Starting it off is one of the first Pro Model skate shoes ever and some early Etnies ads. I threw in some random Natas ads...just because..   If you're into the whole Instagram thing, you can follow this guy at #oscarputdowntheknife Unless you were there you can't imagine the rumors and BS surrounding this guy's name. In other news...super excited to be heading to Spain (Barcelona) then the U.K. in a couple months. Any recommendations/suggestions? Next post will longer..

H Street Goodies..

One of my favorite skate photos/ads ever.. Damian Carbajal shot by Daniel Harold Sturt. Anyone know where he disappeared to? Had some great footage in not the new H Street video, and then...? Team photo 1991. R.I.P. Mike Ternasky Mike Carroll's first pro board..   Koston wasn't pictured in the team photo but came across this one while looking for other H Street pics. Speaking of about that  Game of Skate ?  Ron Allen front board rockin' those Limpies.. So hyped this guy still skates. 50 years old and going strong.  These last two are not really the best representation of  H Street's legacy, but what the hell..  I'll be starting the first of 10 posts on the evolution of the skate shoe next week. It won't be exactly chronological but will start from oldest to newest. I was going to say "Cheers", but then I thought of the tv show, which was set in Boston... damn..  See yo

Century Club..

Post number #100.. glad I've made it this far. Rather than scanning and uploading a bunch of old stuff, I had to make a trip to the skate shop and figured I'd just post some photos that I took along the way. I'll do another post with more new/old stuff soon.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting..  Found this spot along the way.. it's doable, right?  First stop. almost copped these based on principle alone. Really, Gullwing?  Yess..... Sorry but I just can't behind the whole slipper/prom shoe look that's popular right now. These Globe Shoes sort of remind me of the D3's.. not quite as clunky but still plenty of heft to 'em.  Kinda short, kinda random. I'll have some better stuff coming up soon. But, hey thanks for taking the time to check the site out. Feel free to explore some of the older posts if you haven't done so already (you got 99 other ones to choose from) . (Thoughtful) comments, s