Century Club..

Post number #100.. glad I've made it this far. Rather than scanning and uploading a bunch of old stuff, I had to make a trip to the skate shop and figured I'd just post some photos that I took along the way. I'll do another post with more new/old stuff soon.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting.. 

Found this spot along the way.. it's doable, right? 

First stop. almost copped these based on principle alone. 

Ummm...no.. Really, Gullwing? 


Sorry but I just can't behind the whole slipper/prom shoe look that's popular right now. These Globe Shoes sort of remind me of the D3's.. not quite as clunky but still plenty of heft to 'em. 

Kinda short, kinda random. I'll have some better stuff coming up soon. But, hey thanks for taking the time to check the site out. Feel free to explore some of the older posts if you haven't done so already (you got 99 other ones to choose from) . (Thoughtful) comments, suggestions, and feedback are appreciated! -O.D.G. 


  1. How about a post on the evolution of the skate shoe? Or how about the best curb skaters or classic curb footage

  2. I really like the evolution of the skate shoe idea.. think I'll have to use that one, thanks. Best curb skaters/footage is also good but not sure how I would pull that off. I'll give it some thought..


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