Skate Shoe Evolution #2 of 10. Airwalk

I think this was when Jordan Richter was still on Blind but I'm not 100% on that. 

Tony Hawk during his heyday.. 

Ray Underhill, R.I.P. 

Jeremy Wray precursor to the water tower gap. 

Ron Chatman has to be one of the most underrated street skaters of all time (in my not so humble opinion). I would kill to read his Transworld Interview from the 90's again where he had the 'fro and did a boardslide around a curved ledge.. 

Young Mike V. 

They even had The Boss on the team at one point..

At a time when small wheels were popular and landing a trick was a Hail Mary at best, Kris Markovich went fast and big. Sturt photography has always been amazing..

Going to keep the rhetoric to a minimum this time.. a great company that went under for unknown reasons. Sorry about the funkiness of the scans with the two page ads.. 


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