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Will continue with the Evolution of the Skate Shoe series in the next few days, just wanted to take a short break to post a video done by my buddies at Shredder's Lair called "the Art of Shredding". Definitely recommend it.  Here's the full video; Be back soon, going to get more contemporary with the next few posts and end on a grand scale. What you won't see...the stripes, the swoosh, and the greater than/star thingy... ODG

Skate Shoe Evolution # 4 of 10..Vans

Was planning on doing this post next anyways, but with the Vans Pool Party just occurring and the mention of the Salman Agah shoe on CBI it's a done deal. A little Cab heavy, but oh well, it's his first appearance on here. Dude is synonymous with Vans. FYI: updated the previous Etnies and Vision Street Wear posts with a couple more ads that I came across. Good skate weekend....anyone else hung over?

Skate Shoe Evolution #3 of 10..Vision Street Wear

Continuing on, Vision Street Wear is next (obviously). Another company with a rotating cast of characters... not sure exactly when they disappeared from the skate scene but I don't remember seeing them around when the baggy pants and small wheels trend came in during the early 90's. But apparently they're "back" .  And I don't know if it's from his Ban This part but for some reason whenever I think of Vision Street Wear shoes I'm reminded of Ray Barbee.. More coming soon..