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Scott Starr Interview

** originally posted this interview a few months ago but there were issues with the formatting of the photos/text so I took it down. I also thought it was a good time to repost it as Scott has been quietly going through some health issues. If you would like to find out more information please go to the link below.

I recently had the chance to touch base with the man behind many iconic skateboarding images. Former Thrasher Magazine staff photographer, skate, snowboard, and freestyle frisbee enthusiast, and all around nice guy, Scott Starr. 

(All photos and captions by Scott)

Danny Way, not liking his run at a Powell Zone contest and taking it out on his board. Mid '90's I forget the year right now. 

How did you get into skate/action sports photography?

   Well I was always an artist and in High School designed the Yearbook covers and backdrops for plays and dances, I was always very creative. So when I started college I took mostly art classes an…


Alrighty.. as per usual, a little too optimistic as to when I would have said special something completed by now. As a token way of thanking you for your patience, please enjoy some truly vintage Jason Lee.  

Good stuff going on over at Stereo.. props for picking up Hoffart. Smart move..

Man..I need to update my catalog. Virtually nothing from the 90's..never kept anything back then.

And, I need an intern!

On the heels of the Jason Dill interview over at Chrome Ball....

Have to admit I've never been a major Dill fan, although I've always admired his skating. Good to get a bit more insight into his personality. Dude is funny!

Anywho, he mentioned bringing back the veneer stained mulit colored boards like H-Street used to have then goes on to mention "Not the New H-Street" video which has always been hands down one of my favorites.

Which brings me to the thing that I've thought has been missing in skating for a long, long time is the pairing of Classical Music with skating in videos.. not to sound too much like a prat, but to me this really is a great combination. To illustrate my point:

Works really well with the slow motion.

Can't leave out this part! RIP..

Also, have something really special planned for later this week or early next week so be sure to check back. You won't want to miss this..

Did Miley Cyrus really try to rip off the Pow…
I always love it when Summer comes to an end and all the footage starts rolling out.. Case in point, the PLA guys put together a great video which was featured on Thrasher's site recently. Good stuff..

Other than that. What's new? Hmm....Alien Workshop died, Ronnie Creager left Blind (please skate gods let him get on Girl or Chocolate), CCS took a dive, as did Think. Does this signify the changing of the guard?

Fred Gall, Austyn Gillette, Lee Yankou, Kenny Reed...

How the hell you going to ollie to wall ride on a moving bus?

Austyn Gillette reallly knows how to ride a skateboard.

Foreign skateboard diplomacy at it's finest..Kenny Reed. 

Everything you see of Lee Yankou is just beastly. Maybe it's a Canadian thing? Sad to hear that Think Skateboards went the way of the Dodo bird. 

 Super duper honored and stoked to have a "Sklog" featured in the latest issue of the Skateboard Mag. Make sure you go pick that up! Thanks Templeton! 

Anybody out there had skate-setup madness? I went through a phase within the last year or so where I became extremely, for lack of a better term, OCD about my trucks. It became a total obsession to where if it wasn't exactly the way I wanted, I had to figure out what wasn't working. I ended up buying and going through several sets before finally settling on Indy 139's. When all was said and done I took a pic with my phone to document how ridiculous I had become; 

I recently had the same issue with wheels. I went down to skating 50mm Bones which allowed for great control but felt like I was going too slow. So I upped it to 52mm Spitfires but that felt kind of clunky, I tried 51mm Bones, which also didn't feel right, and ended up back where I started with the 50mm's. I'm hoping that this will be where I stay as all this fussiness adds up to a lot of money being spent. We'll just have to wait and see..

Oh yeah, Happy belated Birthday to Sal Barbier..

Ain't touching your style...

Couldn't if we tried.. 

 Circa '88. Probably one of the only dudes who can wear a  helmet with ear covers and have it look cool.. 

I hadn't realized it until I blew this image up a bit but check out the hand-drawn "blind" logo on Mark's board. Could this be the prototype for the logo that's still used to this day? Hmmm..

This was pretty awesome. The re-make was pretty solid too.. 

Funny phenomena in skateboarding which apparently extends to writing blog articles about skateboarding.. any time you go "watch this!", the results are usually disastrous. Such is the case with these posts. I was sure I had a ton of Gonz images but after going through my magazines only came up with a handful. Regardless, everything I came across is golden.

By the way, check out Gonz's YouTube channel. Pretty cool stuff on there and if I'm not misstaken a throwaway clip from Video Days. I'm including this one because this is similar to the injury I took mys…


...let's get weird.. 

Check this out..

I have nothing to say.. just had a few drinks and while putting together a Gonz post and came across this one and thought it was a good flick.... think it's a make?? 

Trick Tips/ Step by Step/How to..


Previously a staple of  skateboarding magazine, similar to the infamous "slam section", the how to or trick tip is a rare find these days. Perhaps that's because most of the time they were completely useless and were more funny than actually helpful and would often follow a format of..."flip your board, land, ride away stoked".

Eric Dressen with a stylish wallride variation.. 

Rick Howard. Probably never done before or since one foot 5-0 to fakie.. 

Interesting story about this one.. I tried learning 360 flips based off of seeing this step by step. Had them for a while, then lost them. Learned them switch in the 90's, then later got them back in the early 2000's.. Later on I thought it was "Lil' Stevie", however only learned after digging it up that it was "Lil' Joe".. 

Mike V. with some vert skating advice..

Damian Carbajal+Dan Sturt=perfection..

As mentioned  in Ed Templeton''s Epicly Later'd where he g…

A quick one..

My all time favorite skater and friend from Brazil, Dan Redlew. Please if you're an industry type sponsor this guy. Absolute brilliance.. and he saw the Pope.

More shoe leftovers..

BTW, check out Clay Company on Insta.. (Clay_Company). Devine's got some good footage on there..

This spot always looked good..Brian Wenning

So much respect for Geoff Rowley for stunts like this..

Thanks for your patience with the formatting of the site, just trying a few different things..

More coming soon.

With all the hype surrounding Tony Hawk, it's easy to forget that he's just an amazing skateboarder.. and then you get a good reminder like this;