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Check this out..

I have nothing to say.. just had a few drinks and while putting together a Gonz post and came across this one and thought it was a good flick.... think it's a make?? 

Trick Tips/ Step by Step/How to..


Previously a staple of  skateboarding magazine, similar to the infamous "slam section", the how to or trick tip is a rare find these days. Perhaps that's because most of the time they were completely useless and were more funny than actually helpful and would often follow a format of..."flip your board, land, ride away stoked".

Eric Dressen with a stylish wallride variation.. 

Rick Howard. Probably never done before or since one foot 5-0 to fakie.. 

Interesting story about this one.. I tried learning 360 flips based off of seeing this step by step. Had them for a while, then lost them. Learned them switch in the 90's, then later got them back in the early 2000's.. Later on I thought it was "Lil' Stevie", however only learned after digging it up that it was "Lil' Joe".. 

Mike V. with some vert skating advice..

Damian Carbajal+Dan Sturt=perfection..

As mentioned  in Ed Templeton''s Epicly Later'd where he g…