Anybody out there had skate-setup madness? I went through a phase within the last year or so where I became extremely, for lack of a better term, OCD about my trucks. It became a total obsession to where if it wasn't exactly the way I wanted, I had to figure out what wasn't working. I ended up buying and going through several sets before finally settling on Indy 139's. When all was said and done I took a pic with my phone to document how ridiculous I had become; 

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I recently had the same issue with wheels. I went down to skating 50mm Bones which allowed for great control but felt like I was going too slow. So I upped it to 52mm Spitfires but that felt kind of clunky, I tried 51mm Bones, which also didn't feel right, and ended up back where I started with the 50mm's. I'm hoping that this will be where I stay as all this fussiness adds up to a lot of money being spent. We'll just have to wait and see..

Oh yeah, Happy belated Birthday to Sal Barbier..


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