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On the heels of the Jason Dill interview over at Chrome Ball.... Have to admit I've never been a major Dill fan, although I've always admired his skating. Good to get a bit more insight into his personality. Dude is funny! Anywho, he mentioned bringing back the veneer stained mulit colored boards like H-Street used to have then goes on to mention "Not the New H-Street" video which has always been hands down one of my favorites. Which brings me to the thing that I've thought has been missing in skating for a long, long time is the pairing of Classical Music with skating in videos.. not to sound too much like a prat, but to me this really is a great combination. To illustrate my point: Works really well with the slow motion. Can't leave out this part! RIP.. Also, have something really special planned for later this week or early next week so be sure to check back. You won't want to miss this.. Did Miley Cyrus really try