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Scott Starr Interview

** originally posted this interview a few months ago but there were issues with the formatting of the photos/text so I took it down. I also thought it was a good time to repost it as Scott has been quietly going through some health issues. If you would like to find out more information please go to the link below.

I recently had the chance to touch base with the man behind many iconic skateboarding images. Former Thrasher Magazine staff photographer, skate, snowboard, and freestyle frisbee enthusiast, and all around nice guy, Scott Starr. 

(All photos and captions by Scott)

Danny Way, not liking his run at a Powell Zone contest and taking it out on his board. Mid '90's I forget the year right now. 

How did you get into skate/action sports photography?

   Well I was always an artist and in High School designed the Yearbook covers and backdrops for plays and dances, I was always very creative. So when I started college I took mostly art classes an…