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Ledge-dancin' pt. 3

So yeah..without dredging up the subject too much, crazy times in skateboarding right now..but personally I think it's good. Change has to happen. I will say this..thank you to Guy for showing us a PROPER one foot. I have been going crazy with this little 1/2 inch kicks that barely come off the board. Man, kick that shit out!! If you're going to do a retro trick, do it right.. (sorry, rant over).

In other news.. great interview with one of my all time faves, power and grace personified, Gabriel Rodriguez, over at the Chrome Ball Incident.

And this Fourstar video is fun. K, bye.

Ledge-dancin' pt. 2

Cool little clip my Buddy Brian from Santa Barbara made of me, my friend Dan (from Brazil), and my other friend Zack. This was shortly before that launch ramp claimed my ankle.. (d'oh). 

For whatever reason, there were a lot of gymnastics shenanigans going on that day..

Ledge-dancin' pt 2. coming up soon...

Stop looking at stuff on the internet and go skateboarding..

PSA brought you by ODG. 
(skateboarding by that one guy at that one place... )
Left this out from the previous sequences post.. 

...still boggles the mind to think about a Jovontae Turner Video Days part...

Just want to be in NYC right now..

I felt that I wasn't quite done with the Gonz stuff so I dug a bit deeper and came up with some other randoms. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to include my original Gonz Fingerboard from the early 90's still tucked safely away in it's sealed plastic wrapper....cough; (skatehoarder, skatehoarder).. 

Sir Lance..

Belated birthday post. 
It's all about having fun.. 

Beast Mode..

I'm assuming a lot of the video from these flicks are in the new Vans "Propeller" video? Obviously I haven't seen it yet, but the Raw Files on Thrasher have been great.

Couple things I realized while putting this post together... one, AVE is a beast. Two, I really, really like Anthony Acosta photography.

Bite it, you scum..

Watched this the other day and was reminded of just how awesome Frost is. Great to see him let loose as he was hitting it pretty heavy around that time. I actually saw him when he was filming for Mouse (backside smith, 180 out on the San Marcos rails) and could not believe how much control he had. Didn't have the courage to say hi..

Currently out of town but will have some more posts coming up. Scan-related.

Almost made my first switch bigflip over a hip the other day... I'll be 38 in a week.. (s*#t!).

Just some sequences..

It seems every time I get on here I'm apologizing for something or another. In this case, it just comes down to working in front of a computer for 8 hours a day leaves little desire to come home and do more of the same. It's enough to inspire javelin-throwing fantasies at the micro-managing powers that be. Being a grown up sucks sometimes.. fuck it, let's go skate. 
Oh yeah, before I forget. Thanks to Vert is Dead, Mostly Skateboarding, and Street Piracy. 
More coming soon.. 

Iffy scan, sick photo.. interesting to watch Curren go from a little kid ripper to a full blown ATV beast. Flip definitely has an eye for talent..

And yeah, apologies if you tried to reach this site using the .com url.. what happened is, through my own idiocy I let the domain name expire by about a day or two. Some chode in China scooped it up, although for the life of me I can't figure out what he would want with it..

Going to go with for the time being.. although doesn't quite have the same ring to it if you ask me, but oh well.


Product Review: Independent Forged Titanium Stage 11 trucks.

As mentioned in a previous post, I've developed a really bad obsession with my trucks. I just always seem to find something wrong with what I'm riding... either they're too wide, too tall, too heavy, etc.. Having gone through something like 6 or seven pairs in the last couple of years, I knew when I first heard about these Independents through a Lance Mountain Instagram post that it was only a matter of time before I got a set. 
I ordered a set from Sub-versions skate shop in Sacto and after riding them for a couple weeks now I can honestly say they were worth every penny. Super light, grind really well. My only issue with them so far has been that the bushings seem to be pretty stiff. I emailed NHS to see if they were the same standard bushings that usually come with Indy's and they confirmed they are, but just a different color. I'm hoping that they just need to be broken in a bit and that we will make Tsaheylu soon.. 

I did a quick check to see how much lighter…