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In reference to the Ron Chatman Experience board I believe.. that's gotta suck getting one of these letters.. 

And one of the earliest pole jam flicks ever taken (maybe the first?) by Jef Hartsel..

That's it for the World Industries/SMA stuff for now. Hope you've enjoyed it. I did.

If you click back a bit I had some recent ones of Jason Lee. I just enlarged them as these old ads, especially the black and white ones, are hard to see.. bye for now.

Trilogy-era Shiloh Greathouse with a backside noseblunt slide. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this was shortly after he did a stint in the clink.

..and I don't know about you but I never really cared for the whole Wet-Willy/Flameboy stuff...
Back when skateboarding didn't take itself too seriously....the only thing I remotely see resembling this is with the enjoi stuff...or the occasional Girl ad.

Anywho, I know I said a week of posts but shit happens. Have a few more coming up.

Looking forward to a long weekend filled with skating. Got a text this morning from my buddy who wants to film...hmmm, should be interesting. Have a good one. Cheers..

As an afterthought.. seing more appreciation for Kien Lieu aka The Donger recently..always been a favorite of miine. Actually saw his Assault Skateboards deck the other day at a skateshop. But has dude never had a proper interview? Chromeball? Where you at?

Early appearance by Stereo Sound Agent Chris Pastras... (sorry for the shitty scan. Rush job tonight)..
I never really understood what was so great about Chris Branaugh... other than him being a little kid.
Been waiting for the right time to put this one up..
One of the most underrated skaters ever.. Ron Chatman..

Rocco Lives!

Going to do a week of posts that are SMA/World Industries related.

Love him or hate him, Steve changed the game forever...