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Product Review: Independent Forged Titanium Stage 11 trucks.

As mentioned in a previous post, I've developed a really bad obsession with my trucks. I just always seem to find something wrong with what I'm riding... either they're too wide, too tall, too heavy, etc.. Having gone through something like 6 or seven pairs in the last couple of years, I knew when I first heard about these Independents through a Lance Mountain Instagram post that it was only a matter of time before I got a set.  I ordered a set from Sub-versions skate shop in Sacto and after riding them for a couple weeks now I can honestly say they were worth every penny. Super light, grind really well. My only issue with them so far has been that the bushings seem to be pretty stiff. I emailed NHS to see if they were the same standard bushings that usually come with Indy's and they confirmed they are, but just a different color. I'm hoping that they just need to be broken in a bit and that we will make Tsaheylu soon..  I did a quick check to s

Technical Difficulties...

I'll explain in further detail in another post.. tired of thinking about it right now.. regardless, sorry for the interruption. On another note...watched this Ben Sanchez part from Mouse for the first time in years. Can't help but make the comparison between Ben Sanchez and another fast moving Chocolate rider .. Hope to continue on as normal by the end of the week..