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Left this out from the previous sequences post.. 

...still boggles the mind to think about a Jovontae Turner Video Days part...

Just want to be in NYC right now..

I felt that I wasn't quite done with the Gonz stuff so I dug a bit deeper and came up with some other randoms. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to include my original Gonz Fingerboard from the early 90's still tucked safely away in it's sealed plastic wrapper....cough; (skatehoarder, skatehoarder).. 

Sir Lance..

Belated birthday post. 
It's all about having fun.. 

Beast Mode..

I'm assuming a lot of the video from these flicks are in the new Vans "Propeller" video? Obviously I haven't seen it yet, but the Raw Files on Thrasher have been great.

Couple things I realized while putting this post together... one, AVE is a beast. Two, I really, really like Anthony Acosta photography.