Ledge-dancin' pt. 3

Never understood why Danny Cerezini has been bounced around within the skate industry. From  Flip to Blind, then wasn't he on Life Extension for a bit? I just checked, he's no longer on the roster. But damn, he's good. Hard flip front blunt??
Fancy footwork from Shorty's Alumni Sammy Baptista.

Lucas Puig minus the beard but with that signature style of his...

One of my favorite tricks in Pretty Sweet by Mike Mo Capaldi.
So yeah..without dredging up the subject too much, crazy times in skateboarding right now..but personally I think it's good. Change has to happen. I will say this..thank you to Guy for showing us a PROPER one foot. I have been going crazy with this little 1/2 inch kicks that barely come off the board. Man, kick that shit out!! If you're going to do a retro trick, do it right.. (sorry, rant over).

In other news.. great interview with one of my all time faves, power and grace personified, Gabriel Rodriguez, over at the Chrome Ball Incident.

And this Fourstar video is fun. K, bye.


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