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Black History Month in Skateboarding (Leftovers)

So February came and went. I only thought to focus on skaters for Black History Month partway through the month, and quickly realized that it would be quite a Herculean task. I also had a moral dilemma about the whole thing. Is it cool to single out skaters based on their race? I always thought of skating as being an equalizer in terms of if you got skills on the board, it doesn't matter what color your skin is. But that's just my experience... Ron Chatman, back in the early 90's, and again in 2011.  One of my heroes, Ron Allen. Was at a Demo/Contest at the same time as him recently and just missed him by a hair. Would love to do an interview..  Couple Jovontae Turner flicks. Eric Britton  Can't leave out Sal! Stevie Williams with a massive frontside noseslide..