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Tom and Alex

Feeling a bit heavy after that last post... so taking a slight detour. Great flick of the legendary Tom Penny by the equally talented Arto Saari. And Alex Olson...well, not quite sure what to say about this ollie. It doesn't make sense how someone could be capable of ollieing that high.  Hopefully I will have the chance to go skate this weekend. My friend from Brazil Dan is in town. Such a character.. apparently he's been working on a fishing boat in Alaska for the last few months. He calls me up put of the blue and first thing he says is "hey, do you have socks and a shoestring I can borrow?" I meet him at the skatepark, he's in borrowed clothes, board, and shoes.. and it's apparent that he hasn't lost a step in what he's able to do on a skateboard. Nice ,(but also intimidating), to be around someone so talented, it pushes you to try harder. 

Remembering...Dylan Rieder

  Man, this sucks.. . RIP Dylan

Remembering...Ray Underhill

  Another vert skater that I don't know too much about.. Ray seemed to come into the spotlight as street was becoming more popular in the very early 90's. This is one of only two Powell Peralta pro model boards that I am aware of that he had. I always found the religious symbolism intriguing. RIP..