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Primitive borrows from Business and Company??

For comparison.. Business and Company  Primitive.   Also, check out the Marc interview on Thrasher recently. He's a kook, but he's our kook. 

Elijah Berle Vans Shoe Review

Bought these on a whim. After wearing them casually for a while I skated them one day when my regular skate shoes were left at home. I was immediately impressed. The boardfeel was surprisingly good without feeling like I was absorbing too much impact. The sewn in insoles are something I have not seen before and I was very skeptical would work for me. But they have held up great and have not worn down at all. One thing that I have found I don't like about these shoes is that normally, because I do have insoles that I transfer between shoes (currently FP Insoles' Kingfoam Elite ), that without them in I have too much space in these shoes. I almost wish I would have gone a 1/2 size smaller to make them fit properly as there is space between my toes and the end of the shoes. Also I am finding that my Achilles tendon gets sore after wearing them for a significant amount of time. I think this is because of how loose they are and also because of very minimal support in the heel.